Sunday, January 30, 2011

DIY Bling Bandana

Have a bunch of plain bandanas laying round that you're getting bored of? Bling/Stud them out :)

Fold the bandana in the way you'd usually wear it. Press it with an iron to keep that shape you want. Then add your "bling" :) Use some strong E6000 industrial strength glue to make sure all your hard work stays on!

Courtesy of studdedhearts
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DIY Chain Laces

This is a fab idea and so simple!
Lets say that you don't have the big loops that the shoes below have. Add some bigger rings (like keychain rings) through the smaller lace holes so you can lace chain through it. If you want the tightness of the laces plus the chain look, then keep the laces and add the rings over the laces.

Use a bunch of different types of chains. Possibly a combo of gold and silver? It depends on what type of look you are going for!

Good luck!

Courtesy of studdedhearts
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outfit Inspiration // Floral Dress & Combat Boots

I own floral & I own combat boots.
Now just to pair them together with some tights once it gets a little warmer out! :)

Courtesy of refinery29
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Outfit Inspiration // Sweater, Shorts & Tights

I'm so inspired by this. It's a great way to dress in the winter if you want to wear shorts! love it!

Courtesy of altamiranyc
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Outfit Inspiration // Cardigan & Skinny Belt

This is so cute. When I get some skinny belts I will now belt my cardigans with my sun dresses cuz I adore this look!

Courtesy of alixrose
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfit Inspiration // Mixed Prints - Heels/Tights

I love this leopard vs lace look. It comes together quite nicely! :)

Courtesy of fashiongonerogue
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Ring Inspiration

So the next 1/2 of the semester I will be taking metals and we have to make a ring. I just found a huge inspiration :)

Courtesy of: buzz-beast
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What my Safety Pin/Studded/Random Jacket kinda reminds me of

Mine is a jean jacket, like the one below. A way darker wash though. && has WAY more stuff on it. Prolly too much. but w/e it's my first go and I like it that way :p

Courtesy of cryystalballer
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DIY Scribble Tee

Simplest DIY I think almost ever. It's up on the least in the top ten.

I know you have plenty of white tees lying around begging to get DIYed.
Grab a big sharpie and scribble away!

Courtesy of fashiongonerogue
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DIY Pattern Leggings/Tights

Okay I'm not sure how well this will work with tights but a pair of cheap spandex/(possibly regular cotton) leggings from forever21 will work fab.

First step is putting on the tights. Make sure you have an idea of what pattern you want to cut into these. This is one of those, if you mess up there's really no easy fix (I guess you could hand sew it but that's just super time consuming).


Cut away starting at the top of your leg/thigh and go down! Careful to not cut yourself. When you're finished with the front take them off and put them on backwards so you can get the same pattern on the front and the back (if that's what you want).

Wear them out and you're sure to get some attention and compliments!

Good luck!

(girl on the left best example)

Courtesy of fashiongonerogue
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DIY Bedazzled Jeweled Shoulders

Bling is in & nowdays and overexcessiveness of bling is in as well. As long as it's the main part of the outfit. Don't overdo it now ladies. Lets keep it classy.

Ever heard of E6000 clear industrial strength glue? Simply put. It's the shit. This stuff knows how to hold stuff together. Sure it takes a little drying time vs hot glue (bad idea to wash that girls), but it's WORTH IT! If you have some other glue that you swear by, then use that for this project. If not, go to wal-mart, hobby lobby, jo-anne's fabric, or any fabric/craft store should have this stuff. It's not expensive either. Under $5 for a good amount.

Jewels aren't that expensive either. If you are planning on adding some bling to a lot of things I suggest you invest in hobby lobby's giant bucket of gems for $15.99. It is a little expensive but I'm pretty sure you get like 10,000 gems or something. They come in: different sizes, different colors, all the same size and clear color, etc. If you're planning on just doing this one piece then find some jewels in the craft aisle that come in a little smaller quanity.

This project is also easier if you have a dress form so you can see how the fabric will lie on the shoulders etc.

PUT CARDBOARD INSIDE W/E YOU'RE JEWELING EVERYWHERE BETWEEN THE FRONT AND BACK. You don't want your finished project to be stuck together! O.o

When you start to put jewels on make sure you make it symmetrical (if you want it that way) by copying the placement on each side. If you are super OCD about it looking exact (this would be me) you might want to use a fabric measuring tape to make sure it's all even and such.

Don't over do it with the glue. Yes, it does dry clear but you don't want a bunch of glue spilling out from under the jewels.

Let dry completely for a good 24 hours or how ever long the back of the glue says it needs to dry! You don't want all your hard work to go to waste so be patient.

Good Luck!

Courtesy of fashiongonerogue
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DIY Leather Laced Floral Dress

If you're like me you have tons of floral dresses laying around to quick slip on for summer days. Find one that you'd like to jazz up and wear on a night out.

Take some dark or contrasting thick leather strips (you're going to need a lot if you want it to look like the photo below).
Cut a straight line down the entire length or just in the middle (like the ones on each side of the middle stitching).
Punch holes on each side of the cutout that are symmetrical (if you want it that way).
Lace your dress like you would a shoe! play around with it. Miss a few holes if you wish to make it look thrown together. Etc.

YOU get the idea! :)

click for higher resolution

Courtesy of Starzzintheireyes
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DIY Safety Pin & Studded Blazer/Jacket

I am currently working on one of these. It has way more on it than safety pins and studs though. I really want to do a leather/pleather (cuz i'm broke) blazer/jacket of just safety pins and studs though and do a really intricate design on the back.

I love the way this designer highlighted the shoulders and arms.

The easiest way to do this would be to get a crap load of studs (you can get these from and safety pins (cheapest from the dollar tree cuz they sell them in a bunch of sizes and each pack of 200 or so is only $1! (at hobby lobby they're like 3$ or something ridiculous. Use cheap ones it doesn't matter.)).
If you have a mannequin or dress form this makes it much easier so you can see how the jacket lays as you're studding/safety pinning it.

Think about some designs to do using the studs &/or safety pins.
Or think about parts of the piece you'd like to pay more attention to.
Some focus areas could be:
- collar/cuffs
- back
- front
- shoulders
- arms
- pockets

*you could also add some sweet zipper detail by just gluing some on with E6000. The contrast in the picture below works so well!

Courtesy of cryystalballer
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where to Find // Leopard Sunnies

I really want a pair of these. They're so vintage chic.

Any ideas?

Courtesy of fashiongonerogue
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Outfit Inspiration // Mixed Prints

I can't wait til it's warm to wear stuff like this again!

I love the mixed prints idea for spring/summer. It's so fresh and CUTE!

Courtesy of fashion-canvas
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DIY Twisted Summer Tank

Want a new twist to add to those plain racerback tanks you own?
Here's a fab idea that's quick with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine or even hand sewing.
Cut the top of the tank where the seams usually are on all racerback tanks. Flip the fabric over and sew to the opposite sides so it looks like the picture below. This effect will look especially sweet if there's a cute pattern on the inside of the tank.

Courtesy of jakandjil
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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Leopard Obsession

Apparently I have one.

I prefer snow leopard though.

I've had one for years and it's just NOW becoming "in". Damn.

Leopard Pieces I Own:
1. Victoria's Secret Leopard Silk PJs.
2. Leopard Vintage Hat.
3. Leopard flowy 2/3 sleeve shirt from Haritage.
4. Victoria's Secret Pink Leopard Push Up Bra.
5. Victoria's Secret Pink Leopard Matching Panties.
6. Metallic Gold Leopard print skirt from Forever 21.
7. Leopard Vintage Coat.
8. Leopard Rain boots.
9. Snow Leopard Scarf.

I have enough leopard to cover me in head to toe :)

I would NEVER wear that all at once though. Well, at least out in public haha maybe for a hilarious home picture I might. :)
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Mini shopping spree tomorrow!

I have nearly $350 to spend tomorrow in Des Moines so I need to update my wardrobe a little bit :) Tonight I'm packing up all my stuff to head back to school. I'm going to try on almost everything I own to make sure that I need to take it back with me. I'm going to be making a list of stuff that I need as I try stuff on to see what needs to be replaced and/or added :)

I'd really love your help in some end of winter/spring stuff you think I should add to my wardrobe!

Please, help me out?
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Heart Knit Cardigan // Slurge vs Steal

As i was browsing the other day I came across pretty much the same exact cardigan at 2 popular clothing stores. I can't even tell the difference! I thought I'd share it with everyone :)

Forever 21 Knit Heart Cardigan - $24.80.

ShopNastyGal Lovefool Cardi - $58 on sale for $40.60.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

DIY Bondage Skirt

Bondage/Bandage pieces are in. I don't know for how long, but if you like to take a fashion leap of faith and just go for it, then do it now rather than later! This is a great piece to wear out on the weekends to party or club.

Take a black skirt that you already own. and cut it down the seams on each side. Buy some black stretchy material (or cut up an old belt that is cheap and usually comes with some of the tunics that are sold now days). Cut it into sections as large as you want the opening to be on the side of the skirt plus add a little for hemming.

Lay the skirt out and pin on the bandages then sew up both sides of one of the sides of the skirt. Do the same to the other side but flip it inside out so your hem doesn't show.

This could be great for a skirt that's just a little bit too small for you and you still love!

Courtesy of: ShopNastyGal for $94 on sale for $47.
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Sorry that I've been MIA for a while! I got super busy in school! I'll try to post more now :) I have a more relaxed semester in store!

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