Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY Hair Rings

I've never come across these before now, but I love them!
What a cute way to jazz up your braids?! The next time I'm going for an edgy look or going out or something I will very likely be copying this look!

Rather than spending almost $10 - $15 on only 10-20 rings from Regal Rose, follow my tutorial below and get your own for much cheaper!

- wire cutters
- wire in the gage and color of your liking. (you can get this by the foot or yard or probably by the roll from any store like home depot, lowe's, or I'm sure even infamous wal-mart has wire). make sure it's not so thick you couldn't bend it with your fingers.
- a cylinder of a decent length that you can wrap your wire around. thickness depends on how wide you want your rings to be. i'd say something like the thickness of a glue stick or a Crayola marker)

1. take your wire and wrap it around the cylinder you chose as close together as you can.
2. cut the wire if you have extra.
3. slip the wire spring you now have off the cylinder.
4. cut down one side of the wire all the way down the spring
5. you should now have a bunch of rings.
6. boom! put them in your braids!

Happy DIYing to you!
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