Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I saw this on NastyGal a long time ago, but it disappeared. It is now BACK IN STOCK! YAY! But if you'd rather not pay $48 ridiculous dollars for something that only costs about 10$ tops to make, get your DIY pants on and GO!

Grab a white tee and put it on. You don't want it too tight or too loose. Grab some sharp scissors and cut tiny tiny little holes all over the tee. The reason I say put it on while doing this is you don't want the hole to end up right over your nipple or something if you're brave enough to wear it without an undershirt.
After you're done cutting the holes, take it off, lie it flat. After this there are a few options of how to do the lettering, I'll give you 2 of my ideas.
1) More expensive route: buy the iron on letters from a store in black and the E & R in white or off white if they have it. Don't get the 3D ones, get the big flat ones. Place them on & Iron away!
2) Less expensive, more time consuming: spray paint. Make a stencil for the HOLEY and SHIRT, cover up the E & R with plastic or something. Spray paint black. Let dry then cover up the other letters besides the E & R and spray paint an off white or w/e color your shirt is. So you can just barely see it.

Courtesy of: NastyGal
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

DIY Hand Chain

Thanks to Elenita for this great idea. I thought I'd share it. :)

Just take apart a plain old chain necklace and use some jump rings to attach/create the design.

Courtesy of: elenita
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Safety Pinned Crop

I LOVE this!

Even though I'll never be the one to wear crop tops, this is toooo chic to pass up.

Take an old black tshirt that's at least a size to big for you so the arm holes are loose. Put it on and mark where you'd like it to "crop" off at. Take it off, cut it at the crop mark then cut the sleeves in half starting at the top of the shoulder on both sides. Lay it flat and take a bunch of safety pins and pin it together using as many as you wish to achieve w/e look you're going for. Then pin the bottom of the shirt all the way around so the pins are hanging off. TA-DA!

Courtesy of: nodiscount
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Craving // Jeffrey Campbell Lita

I think I might actually give in and spend the money on a pair.

I'm so addicted to them it's crazy!

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Super duper blonde :)

I will most likely post pictures if my camera is charged.

If not, you'll have to wait for my bestie and I to do a photoshoot :)


I need to make a list of things that I'd like to DIY over thanksgiving break (which starts saturday for meeeee) aka when I'm home and have a car and access to all my art/craft supplies. I actually don't know how much I can get done because I might be working on a 5ft self portrait for my painting class O.o

I'm going to get a list going on a side of the blog. Let me know if I'm missing anything :)
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Night Out Inspiration

I have the leather jacket.
I have a gray top.
I have a black skirt that sits in the same place.
I have combat boots.

I just might have to add tights because it's always cold here on the weekends :(

Courtesy of: altamiranyc
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Friday, November 5, 2010

DIY Duct Tape Skirt

Okay well it's not really duct tape, unless you'd really like to go that route for a super quick look the cheapest way when you have zero time to get ready. Otherwise, here is my suggestion.

Take an plain old black jersey knit (or any other fabric should do as long as it's like a body con skirt, nothing with ruffles or anything, that would get complicated and the duct tape illusion would just make the ruffled skirt too busy.

Anyways, get yourself some metallic silver spray paint from Wal-Mart or something. Wal-Mart is usually cheapest.

Mark off the entire skirt except the parts you want silver with duct tape or thick painters tape. If you'd like to save on tape you can just mark off the stripes/design in painters tape, then tape down plastic or brown paper around the other spots you don't want paint on.

Courtesy of: shopnastygal
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Guess who's workin on an awesome Studded Combat Boot DIY?

This girl!

Should be finished by Sunday at the latest I hope.

Keep a look out! :)
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

DIY Lacerated Leggings

Looking for a new way to slash those leggings that's not the same old cliche vertical way?

Here's a great idea :) I love these.

Just put them on and take a sharp pair of scissors (please don't cut yourself) and make tiny snips in random groupings. Then take them off, put them on backwards, and repeat for the back side! Just don't cut near your booty!



close up
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DIY Zipper Tee & Skirt


Got a white tee lying around that's practically begging for you to DIY it? Good. Use it. A tee that's a little loose will prolly work best for this. This would also look super cute on a strapless sweetheart body-con dress! aka my personal favorite dress style! Anyways, this shirt doesn't actually have real zippers when you look close, it's just screen printed that way. I think it'd look WAY better with real zippers, don't you?

First you need lots of zippers in a set color of different lengths. I personally like the black because lets face it, you're already going to have zippers all over you, do you really need to wear zippers in neon green and pink? Prolly not. To be safe, try to find super long zippers for the most part because you can take away length, but you can't add it.

Lay your shirt down face up then lay out your zippers on top of it to see what type of design you like. Unzip part of them or all of them, twist and turn them. BE CREATIVE! It's your unique shirt, showcase that.

Once you have your set design, pin it down. Remember, if you're going to overlap and don't want a mess or a tangle in your sewing machine (unless you're an amazing seamstress and have a nicer sewing machine that has no problem going through lots of random zippers), pin down your first layer, sew it down (using black thread, or maybe white thread? Or maybe just MAYBE a colored thread for contrast? You decide.), then pin your next layer, then sew. I'd personally do it this way just so I know everything is flat and the way I'd like it.

I'd even do a sweet design in the back that continues in the front. The only reason why when you find stuff like this in stores only on the front of the shirt is because it's cheaper to print only one side of a shirt and most people don't care and would rather pay the lower price instead of having the fully printed shirt. It's not a crime, we've all done it. Money is tight now days. I get that. That's why we DIY :D

Courtesy of: ShopNastyGal



Got too many plain black or white skirts in your closet? Spice them up in the same way as I explained for the shirt above! Here's some inspiration!

Use white zippers if you have a black skirt!

Courtesy of: ShopNastyGal
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DIY Wilma Costume && Procrastination aka story of my LIFE

So, right now I am doing "study hours" which is a thing my house makes us do to make sure we study. Well technically this is super counter productive thing because I should be at the studio painting right now instead of sitting in a room pretending to study (aka why I'm blogging haha).

Tomorrow night is the bus party and if you read back earlier, I'm going to be Wilma Flintstone and my bestie Liz is going to be Betty Rubble.

I have yet to make my dress. I went and got super cheap fabric today and some big foam balls for her giant rock necklace :). Now all that's left is for me to make the dress and stuff. So this post is more for me to go off for later (at 10 when I'm done with study hours) so I can just start sewing so I'm not up late. I have 8am tomorrow.

But I figured, "Hey, this is DIY so I might as well post about it!"

I will take pictures of my process if I remember and have enough time tonight to do so. The dress is super easy so it's not like it'll be super complicated.

Dress: I think I'm going to put tulle under the bottom part because it poofs out at the waist. It depends I guess. I'll see how it looks on my hips when I cinch the waist first. And if it doesn't poof out like it does in the cartoon, I guess I'll add a layer of white tulle that I have lying around.
I'll do the one shoulder on the left shoulder (like the cartoon)
Of course I'm chopping up the bottom of the dress in a zig zaggy pattern so it looks just like the cartoon again haha

Necklace: I bought big-ish white Styrofoam balls. I still might paint them white tonight to give them more of a well, white look to them. so they don't actually look like straight styrofoam haaa.

Shoes: No idea on this one. We're going to be walking around, on a bus, then at a bar, then back on a bus & I think that going bare foot def isn't an option haha. Too bad I don't own a pair of nude pumps! That'd be awesome! But since I don't own nude OR white (yeah I know blah blah who doesn't own white or nude heels? Well, I don't. I don't own any white dresses and I never have a need for nude or white pumps so uhmmm yeah anyways), so I guess black will have to work.
I only own 2 pairs of black heels. One is like this but with slightly thicker straps and it's completely black and it has a WAY thicker/bigger platform:

if you like these you can find them at desireclothing

the other option is an oxford wedge like Jeffrey Campbel's Suede Lace Up Wedge. (my shoes actually look just like these!)

I just don't know. I haven't broken in the wedge yet & the last thing I want is my feet to hurt super bad on a big night like this haha I know I can walk in the strappy heels all night so I'll prolly go with those :)


Inspiration Pictures:

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DIY Embellished Chanel Tee

Is the classic black Chanel logo just not doin it for you? Then grab some shiny embellishments and get to getting. It's so adorable! Do silver, nude, or even a lighter gold for a more toned done look. Or do some bright color (OR EVEN COLORS!?) to make a purely amazing statement. :)

Courtesy of: fashionfever
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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Snow leopard = love <3 Courtesy of: spirthoods
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DIY Studded Denim Shorts

The possibilities are endless when it comes to studding shorts. Why pay for a design you "kinda like" when you can get a plain pair of shorts right now on clearance, buy some studs, and do it yourself?!

Here are 2 cute designs I just found that I thought I'd share with you lovely people.

Courtesy of: edgeofurge

Courtesy of: edgeofurge
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DIY Gold Quote Flats

You know all those pair of plain flats that are on clearance right now? Grab em. :)
Take a metallic sharpie or metallic paint (if you are crafty with a thin brush like me). And put a cute quote on the toes of one :) or both would be cute. like put "keep" on the right foot and "calm" on the left would be freaking adorable.

Courtesy of: edgeofurge
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Friday, October 29, 2010

DIY Chain Fringe Chanel Bag

This is one of those that would take a while, but it'd be so worth it!

What you'll need:
1) Old plane leather purse.
2) A heck of a lot of jump rings.
3) Small scissors or x-acto knife (which works best).
4) Jewelry pliers or regular needle nose pliers.
5) A lot of chain! It can be chunky or tiny depending on the look you wish to achieve.
6) Time.

Just go around all the edges and cut evenly spaced little holes for the jump rings and then attach a jump ring and the amount of chain at the same time, then close the jump ring. It's a simple process, it just will take some time to achieve this full fringed look!

Courtesy of: knighttcat
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DIY Studded & Safety Pinned Denim Jacket

oh. my. GOD.

I'm officially making this my next project on my list for studding and safety pinning.

Courtesy of: knighttcat
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Ke$ha Night 1

So last night was pretty fun!

I ended up dying this shirt:

I cut a random black shrit's neckline super low and with jaggy edges. Then I did a safety pin trim like that, but with all different sizes of safety pins. I liked that look more

But then I ended up not even wearing that shirt cuz I found something better to wear :) haha

This is the makeup I did:

(obvi the one of actual kesha, not bratz)

It looked freaking amazing. Like perfect :) None of the pictures did it justice though because the flash either took away from the glitter so it didn't show up, or it was too dark and it looked awkward. I'll post pictures when I get a hold of my usb cable. :)

The only bad news is that it was so cold it made my eyes water so the lower outside of my eye's makeup kept washing away :(

It's okay though! Because I'm going as her again for Sunday night aka actual Halloween! haha

The next two nights I'm wearing this costume without the hat (it's too hot, it'll ruin my hair, just, no haha i mean it's cute but i really don't feel like wearing it:

With these thigh high black pleather boots from F21:

And I'm wearing fishnets :)

I also have dog tags!

It's going to be pretty awesome!

Oh, and when people ask me what I am my new answer, instead of Sexy Gi Joe, will be Sexy Gi Hoe :) hahaha clever?! I'd say so :)
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's official!

I'm going out as Ke$ha tonight :D

Inspiration picture time!

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