Friday, July 6, 2012

Knock Off Alert // Jeffrey Campbell Vicious

I'm sure all of you Jeffrey Campbell fans out there have seen the Vicious shoe and all it's gloriousness!

It's heel-less.
It's spiked.
It's neon pink.
It's basically a sin not to buy it. 

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford a $209.95 pair of shoes. Even if they are the greatest thing since Skinny Girl's Cosmopolitans.

Unless you are like me and save up for the perfect Jeffrey Campbell shoe, I found a knock-off!

I'm not sure about how most of you feel about knock-offs, but in case you really want this shoe and you don't care about brand name, I found a knock-off with a price that is way more reasonable!

Jeffrey Campbell Vicious - $209.95 - can be found here!

Darea Studded Inward Curve Wedges - £45.99 - can be found here!

How do all of my readers feel about knock-offs? Is this shoe blatantly knocking off Jeffrey Campbell? Or is it more of the new style of "in" shoe and this other company just liked the mix of neon pink and black with silver spikes/studs?

I'd really appreciate your input! :)

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