Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY Chain Pocket Jeans

Again with the constant need to have random chains and old necklaces laying around! haha

1. Cut off the pocket of a pair of jeans you're willing to do it to.
2. start at the top of where the pocket used to be. String chain from one side to another. make 2 little holes (for the chain to attach to) on each side. Attach the chain with jewelry pliers or small needle nose pliers.
3. continue doing this all the way down using less and less chain to match the shape of where the pocket used to be.
4. make sure you don't leave the chain too tight. if you put them on and your butt stretches out the back too much your chain could look weird or even break. -> to prevent this, after the first couple of chains, put the jeans on and see how it looks on your butt. you could have them perfectly taut, or you could have them hanging a little loose. i prefer the hanging slightly loose look. :)

Good luck!

Courtesy of 80spurple
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DIY Cut Out Leggings

Again, super easy diy. These should NOT be as expensive as they are.

Go grab a pair of super comfy jersey leggings from f21 for around $5.
put on the leggings and mark where you want your circles and how big with sewing chalk. Doesn't have to be perfect here.
If you have a circle drawing problem, make some quick templates out of cardboard and grab something circular to trace. Cut out with xacto knife or box cutter (careful please).
Trace these circles over where you originally marked while they were on you.
Grab a very sharp pair of shears and cut out the circles.
If you're worried about fraying use some of that anti-fray stuff you can buy at fabric stores. it shouldn't fray though.

Good luck!

Can be found at 80spurple on sale for $47.00 originally $78.00.
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DIY Headphone Laced Shoes/Boots

Okay so I know I already used this image for a previous DIY  (the post before this actually), but i just noticed that the boots are laced with what appears to be metallic headphones.  Those seem mighty expensive but here's a better idea.

We all have prolly gone through at least 3 pairs of headphones. First the ones that came with the iPod get ruined. Then you start going through the $9.99 jelly colored pairs from wal-mart. Those come in FANTASTIC COLORS btw. What do you do with those when they break? Throw them away? NO!

Lace up those boots or shoes that need a little spicing up with some headphones! Using neon colors against white would look really awesome.

& If you crave that metallic look, you could always spray paint your headphones? I'm not sure how that would work out, but it's worth a shot, right?

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DIY Chain Detail Doc Martens

Yet another fabulous DIY idea for all those extra chains and old necklaces most of us have laying around. If you don't have any laying around. Hit up your local thrift store. I assure you, there's plenty and usually on the cheap side! you're not wearing this on your skin so it can be the cheap stuff :)

grab those chains and make 2 short-ish necklaces with them. make them look grungy and messy. the thrown together look.

Attach them to the top holes in your combats or docs :)

Courtesy of skeletonsoup
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DIY Laptop Bling

I wouldn't do this directly on my laptop cuz I have a macbook pro and i'm not ruining the straight aluminum shell haha, but if you buy one of those cheap plasticy rubber ones in w/e color you see fit, this would be a great way to make your laptop look even more unique!

Some of you may not be such fans of this design and style but I am! I don't know if I'd want it on my laptop though. It gets put in my backpack on the daily so something this 3D would be very very impractical for me. It'd all fall off.

Just making a design out of flat pearls and other things would be awesome though! Go to the scrap booking aisle of any Hobby Lobby, Jo-Anne's Fabric, Hancock fabrics, Michael's, or even some Wal-Marts who still have their craft/fabric section in tact and be inspired!!!

The glue i'd use to attach all this stuff is the E6000 industrial strength glue. You can find it at wal-mart for like 5$ tops. Or if you're feeling more on the "i want this to dry quick" train, use hot glue. :)

Make sure to draw out your design first if you want it perfect (which i would because, well, i'm a perfectionist). or you could just put stuff on there randomly! w/e your style :) go for it!

Good luck! <3

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DIY Fringe Heart Tee

I love nastygal but damn they're expensive.

Browsing through their new in today and stumbled across this fringe heart tee. SUCH an easy DIY!!!

You can even make this out of one tee // especially if you want the fringe heart to be exactly the same color. It would also look super cute if you did it in a contrasting or slightly different color. Depends on the look you're going for :)

1) Get an oversized tee shirt (make sure it's fairy long unless you want a little bit of a crop top) that's nice and soft like jersey fabric.
2) Seam rip the hem off of the bottom of the tee.
3) lay the shirt flat and cut the bottom 2" of the shirt off (or however long you want the fringe to be).
4) cut that piece of tee once so it's one long strip.
5) lay the shirt flat out again and kinda lay the strip out in a heart shape to see how big you can make your heart.
6) draw out your heart shape slightly smaller than what you came up with (it's better to have a little extra fabric than not enough cuz you can always take away fabric, can't add it!)
7) Take the long strip of fabric and cut the fringe at about .25-.5 inches apart depending on how thick you want the fringe to look.
8) pin your strip of fringe down on the shirt over the chalk.
9) Sew away! make sure to not get any of the fringe in there!

You can find this Fringe Tee here at NastyGal.com for $58.00 or you could DIY for around $5 (yay cheap F21 tees haha)
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DIY Zipper Studded Leather Jacket

I know a lot of us don't have extra leather/pleather jackets just hanging around in our closets, but if you happen to come across one at a thrift store that's inexpensive, grab it!

I'm personally not very good at machine sewing zippers. I really need more practice. As soon as I get it down, I know i will do this to something I have!

Honestly, I have no idea on how you would sew the arms with zippers. But if you can figure it out and explain it, props to you. please pass it on to me :)

If your'e going to stud the arm sleeves, make sure you slit the sleeves and sew the zipper in first :)

I'd personally stud the awesome oversized collar of this jacket!

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Outsapop Trashion Featured me!

OMG this is exciting! I'm so glad they finally discovered me && actually like my blog enough to link back to it! It just makes me all kinds of excited :)

I appreciate it so much!

See their post HERE!!!
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Friday, March 11, 2011

DIY Body Con Stud Dress

I personally think this would look BOMB using large safety pins instead of rectangle studs.

Lay your dress or shirt out flat and draw the pattern you're going to stud in sewing chalk. if you want to make sure it's exact on each side make the chalk extra thick on one side, fold your piece of clothing in half, and press down so the chalk transfers to the other side. simple, right?

Grabrab your studs and some needle nose pliers and stud down the line. if you want the studs to have the exact same spacing (which you should) then use a sewers measuring tape to mark off your spacing.

After you've studded, then go back through and use either rectangular studs or safety pins to mimic the look the dress has below :)


Can be found at axparis.co.uk.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Cage Arm Shirt

If you're like me you have a lot of those cheap jersey knit tees from forever 21/charlotte russe laying around. Maybe you are getting bored with a few of them and wanna spice them up? Here's quick and awesome idea.

1. Lay your shirt completely flat.
2. Grab a pair of super sharp sheers.
3. Cut slits .5"-1" (depending on how thin/thick you want the cage to look)
4. You can leave them hang or kinda braid them loosly to get a different look.


Courtesy of anniieemal
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I finally got my 2 new pairs of shoes!

1. Leopard Print Pumps - obvs I'm not going to do anything with these. They're so freaking hot.

2. Nude Pumps - I couldn't find a picture of these cuz apparently they're sold out where I bought them but i personally HATE nude pumps so I will be glittering these. I'll put a picture of some similar.

they kinda look like this. except they're shiney and lighter nude color.

The only question that now remains is...

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