Sunday, October 31, 2010


Snow leopard = love <3 Courtesy of: spirthoods
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DIY Studded Denim Shorts

The possibilities are endless when it comes to studding shorts. Why pay for a design you "kinda like" when you can get a plain pair of shorts right now on clearance, buy some studs, and do it yourself?!

Here are 2 cute designs I just found that I thought I'd share with you lovely people.

Courtesy of: edgeofurge

Courtesy of: edgeofurge
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DIY Gold Quote Flats

You know all those pair of plain flats that are on clearance right now? Grab em. :)
Take a metallic sharpie or metallic paint (if you are crafty with a thin brush like me). And put a cute quote on the toes of one :) or both would be cute. like put "keep" on the right foot and "calm" on the left would be freaking adorable.

Courtesy of: edgeofurge
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Friday, October 29, 2010

DIY Chain Fringe Chanel Bag

This is one of those that would take a while, but it'd be so worth it!

What you'll need:
1) Old plane leather purse.
2) A heck of a lot of jump rings.
3) Small scissors or x-acto knife (which works best).
4) Jewelry pliers or regular needle nose pliers.
5) A lot of chain! It can be chunky or tiny depending on the look you wish to achieve.
6) Time.

Just go around all the edges and cut evenly spaced little holes for the jump rings and then attach a jump ring and the amount of chain at the same time, then close the jump ring. It's a simple process, it just will take some time to achieve this full fringed look!

Courtesy of: knighttcat
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DIY Studded & Safety Pinned Denim Jacket

oh. my. GOD.

I'm officially making this my next project on my list for studding and safety pinning.

Courtesy of: knighttcat
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Ke$ha Night 1

So last night was pretty fun!

I ended up dying this shirt:

I cut a random black shrit's neckline super low and with jaggy edges. Then I did a safety pin trim like that, but with all different sizes of safety pins. I liked that look more

But then I ended up not even wearing that shirt cuz I found something better to wear :) haha

This is the makeup I did:

(obvi the one of actual kesha, not bratz)

It looked freaking amazing. Like perfect :) None of the pictures did it justice though because the flash either took away from the glitter so it didn't show up, or it was too dark and it looked awkward. I'll post pictures when I get a hold of my usb cable. :)

The only bad news is that it was so cold it made my eyes water so the lower outside of my eye's makeup kept washing away :(

It's okay though! Because I'm going as her again for Sunday night aka actual Halloween! haha

The next two nights I'm wearing this costume without the hat (it's too hot, it'll ruin my hair, just, no haha i mean it's cute but i really don't feel like wearing it:

With these thigh high black pleather boots from F21:

And I'm wearing fishnets :)

I also have dog tags!

It's going to be pretty awesome!

Oh, and when people ask me what I am my new answer, instead of Sexy Gi Joe, will be Sexy Gi Hoe :) hahaha clever?! I'd say so :)
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's official!

I'm going out as Ke$ha tonight :D

Inspiration picture time!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DIY Shredded Chunky Knit Sweater

This look has been around the block. It started with thinner Knits and other thin shirts, and now it's on to chunky knit sweaters.

& I like it :)

Cut off the bottom hem and start pulling away at the threads at one point. That's it! Super simple! & totally awesome!

Courtesy of: knighttcat
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DIY Back Studded Design Denim Jacket

Super awesome and totally customizable to you. Just need a little creativity, patience, and some time! :) okay, a lot of time. but it's worth it!

1) Find a flat shape/design that you like.
2) Draw it out or print it out then cut it out with an exacto knife or scissors.
3) Trace or draw it out on the back of a denim jacket with something that is easily visible, yet can either wash out easy or that you'll cover up. Fabric chalk works best.
4) Use different studs, or the same ones (it depends on your design and personal preference) to fill in (our even outlining this would be cute) your design :D.

Optional: It might be easier for some of you who have sensitive hands to cut slits in the jacket where the prongs of the studs will be going instead of trying to just push them through. I usually just push them through but my hands do get tired and hurt. They're artist hands, not woodworking hands haha so I have like no calases whatsoever to protect my little fingers (and yes I mean little. My ring size is a size 4.25).
BE WARNED! Don't cut the slits too big or too far apart. Be careful with this technique. It's more time consuming but saves ur fingers/hands :)

Courtesy of: knighttcat
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My Halloween Costume(s)

So I bought a costume online. Because I didn't have enough time to sew a nice one from scratch. I also bought it online because I didn't want another incident like last year, aka like 20 girls at my college had my same sexy cop costume. >.> super annoying. So I bought online this time!

Thank god I own a sewing machine because they only had mediums left & I'm a small).

find my costume and other great costumes at ODgirl.

It was baggy pretty much everywhere. Especially the arms and butt area. So last night I tried it on inside out, pinned, and sewed away.
It pretty much fits like a glove now! I don't have any good pictures because the camera on my phone sucks. But I shall get some asap!

Anyways, I need some costumes for nights besides Saturday night (when I'm wearing the sexy GI joe costume).

I'm thinking some easy ones for me to pull off are Ke$ha and Lady Gaga.
I'm blonde.
I have the clothes.
I have the creativity.
I have the attitude. HAHA!

I think it will be fun.
I'll post some images later of what I'm thinking of for both those costumes.

Any of you have any last minute halloween costume ideas for me?!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY Cardigan Skirt

I've seen this whole "make a cardigan into a skirt" trend all over the runway lately.

Grab a cardigan that's a size bigger than your usual size (since you'll be wearing it around your hips instead of your neck). The hole just has to be big enough for where it will sit on your body. If you want a waist skirt, then get it in the same size or a size smaller. This DIY is perfect for old cardis that don't fit you anymore (whether they be too small or too big).

Button it up on the part of your body you want to use it for, then tie the sleeves in front. This look would even be cute if shifted and tied to the side!

Charlotte Ronson 2010

Courtesy of: knighttcat
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DIY Slashed Arm 3/4 Length Shirt

Got a plain colored 3/4 length shirt lying around that just needs a little something to make it pop? Grab some scissors and snip snip snip!
You can do this 2 different ways:

1) Take the shirt and fold it in half making sure the arms and shoulders are lined up so when you cut the holes, they're in the same place on both sides and the same width.

2) Just take the shirt and lie it out flat and just cut away on the sleeves for a more uneven look.

peter som 2010

Courtesy of: knightcat
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

DIY British Flag Dress

Simple in my eyes.

Take some blue painters tape and mark of the design where you want the white to be.
Do one color at a time. Cover the shapes you aren't doing with plastic and tape it down so it doesn't move and no unwanted color seeps in.

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DIY Fringe Jersey Chain Necklace

Simple and fairly inexpensive DIY.

take some chain then weave a skinny piece of fabric through it. You could do this with silver or gold chain and use any type of fabric you want. This DIY is very customizable. You could make one that goes with pretty much everything, or you could make a statement piece. I'd advise to not use fabric that frays easily (like satin) unless you are going for that look. You could also just use ribbon as well.


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DIY Studded Back Pocket

I did this to a pair of my acid wash jeans that I am constantly deconstructing, ripping, and studding.
I've been doing this in my random free time for about a year now. Taking out the blue thread strand by strand can get kinda tedious. Anyways, I did this to the back pocket.

Grab some studs and a seam ripper/scissors.
Just rip the seam that attaches the left side of the pocket to the jeans down just the left side. Or you can do what this girl did and cut very close to the edge of where the pocket meets the seams and then fray the edges.
Stud the pocket :)

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Test! posting from text message from phone :)
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DIY Multi Gem Pumps

Take a pair of black, silver, or gold pumps; take a trip to your nearest craft supply store (wal-mart works) and grab the following: gems in different colors, shapes and sizes; hot glue/hot glue gun or 6000 industrial strength glue and make those shoes BLING!

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Bus Party Theme: We Go Together

Every year my sorority throws a themed House/Bus party.
This year the theme is "We go together" so things in pairs like pb&j or salt & pepper. get it?

We get to bring one guest & I'm bringing my friend Liz. She's shorter and has dark hair. I'm tall (well, taller than her. I'm only 5'6" haha) and blonde.

We decided earlier today that we're going to do Wilma Flintsone and Betty Rubble!!!

I'm going to be wilma and she'll be betty. The costumes are going to be super simple to do. Especially since we both own sewing machines. She is actually majoring in fashion design so she's super excited to make a fun costume instead of working on her senior line for once haaa.

Wilma = Super high bun/poofed or curled bangs + White one-shoulder dress with choppy zig zag bottom + Big chunky pearl choker + no shoes?? or nude shoes or black heels or something or other. I don't wanna spend too much money on this costume/new shoes because I already bought a costume for halloween with the boots and I'm kinda running low on cash.

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Went shopping some more today now that I'm back home...

I got a new fall coat! it's super cute. It prolly won't work for winter winter though since I live in the midwest, we have harsh winters and I'll prolly need to get something warmer. But until then, it's perfect :)

I just realized I forgot my camera back in my room at college :'(
So I can't take any pictures of my new stuff until I get back on Sunday at the earliest.

Until then, lets find some stuff to DIY :)
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

DIY Chanel Striped Tee

I know this has prolly been overdone but I thought I'd still throw it out there for those of you who don't know.

DIY Chanel logos are pretty much all the rage. So lets grab some black paint, a brush, and do it to it!

Courtesy of: hayky
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DIY Studded Head Wrap

Such an easy DIY even if you don't wanna stud it!

Grab some jersey knit. Use an old jersey tee or some jersey remnant from your local fabric supplier (which is prolly around $3 tops). I say jersey because it gives it a little stretch because since this is worn on your head all day, sometimes fabric with less stretch can cause headaches. Well, it causes ME to get headaches hahaa so I'm just giving you guys the heads up. Use what ever fabric is most comfortable to you!

Take the fabric and wrap it around your head to your desired tightness and mark it. Cut it down if you need to. Lay the fabric down, twist once. place right sides together. and sew. If you don't own the luxury of a sewing machine, you can always easily hand stitch it :)

Grab a few studs and stud the fabric. It should be easy to place the studs in the fabric and just use your fingers to secure the prongs.

Courtesy of: Spanish Moss for $24
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DIY Removable Shoe Jewelry

There are tons of shoes you can buy with studs and chains on them, but if you're like me, you like a shoe with an investment. I'm more likely to wear a shoe I can wear with almost anything, than one I can wear only with certain outfits. So what's a girl to do? Well, how about investing in a plain shoe, and DIYing your own removable shoe jewelry!?

Chain + lobster clasp + jump rings = crazy awesome custom trend.

Mix and match chain types and colors to create a look that suits you and your outfit!

I'm going to work on an anklet one for my heels. I love the chain look added to pretty much anything. I will gladly document my DIY process for you lovely readers :)

Courtesy of: chicintuition
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DIY Chain Crossbody

I really think I might add this to my list of things that I personally need to DIY. Crossbody purses are becoming a huge thing. I just lack the funds to buy a pre-chained one like this! But I love the idea of adding hardware to a simple leather (or faux leather/cheaper) cross body.

Find a cheap cross body that you'd be willing to add chain to yourself!
You could add it to both sides, or just one side.
Just grab some chain, some little jump rings, a pair of jewelry pliers and an x-acto knife. Poke little holes for the jump rings where you want the chain to stop and start in the leather/fabric. Add the chain and close the jump ring!
Chunky gold chain seems to be really in lately so if you're not afraid of gold, go for it!

Courtesy of: chicintuition
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FAQ: Where do I get my studs?

Well, it depends on what I am using them for.

If I need really sturdy, nice studs, I will order them from studsandspikes. Or even the ones you can buy from Hobby Lobby for like $1.50 (not for very many though) usually do quite nicely.

Otherwise, I look for clearance studded belts from places like Hot Topic, Rue 21 (where I got my last 5 belts for only $1 a piece!), etc. Then I take some jewelry pliers, or whatever tools I have (I shall post pictures at a later date because they are in my room at school and I am currently home) and I DE-STUD those belts and keep all the studs in a nice little zip lock baggy. Along with the rest of my craft/DIY supplies.
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I shall be posting pictures of what I bought and keeping posting more DIY!

I'm home from college for the first weekend since August haa so I might even have a chance to document some DIYs!

ps: I also got another pair of combat boots and a pair of jeffrey campbell look a like heels that I've been drooling over for the past year! :D

pictures and more info later!
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Monday, October 18, 2010


it's time for a happy dance!

ps: i'm on a mini vacation with my fiance right now so I will only be posting if he's at the bar (I'm not 21) or i have some quick free time. I will be back thursday afternoon!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

DIY Slashed T-shirt

This is the easiest DIY imaginable. And the cheapest.
Grab a 5 pack from wal-mart for $5-$10, some scissors, and do work.

Courtesy of: hayky
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DIY Crop T-Shirt

So simple to do with any tshirt you wanna make a crop top and add a little flair at the same time.

Draw the pattern on with some chalk, take some shard scissors, and ta-da! :)

Courtesy of: fashion-canvas
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I got myself some BlogLovin' :)

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DIY Slashed Tights

I love slashed tights. I made a pair myself last year!
Just put a pair on (cheaper the better because you'll be ripping them) and take some scissors and a razor or something else sharp (so it's not just a clean hole) and shred away. Just don't cut yourself!

Courtesy of: altamiranyc
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Friday, October 15, 2010

DIY Sequin Jean Pockets

So I freaking L O V E this!!!
I've always loved the longer than shorts pocket look but now that i've found this, I think I might have to DIY this asap!
Take some ribbon sequins (it's on a roll like regular ribbon. WAY cheaper and easier to work with than loose sequins) and fabric glue, sew, or industrial glue (i don't think this is washable?) and cover your pocket! If you want something simpler just do the bottom of the pocket :) or outline the bottom and sides. If you wanna get really creative, do a design!

Courtesy of: christeric
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DIY Slashed Jeggings

If you are lucky enough to find a pair of cheap-ish jeggings that you are willing to destroy yourself, do it. It's better than paying an upwards of $60 for pre-slashed stuff.

Courtesy of: christeric
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DIY Leopard Lips Sweatshirt

Stuff like this is super easy to just iron on using No-Sew stuff. Grab a plain old sweat shirt that needs some jazzing up. take some cute print cotton fabric (it's fairly inexpensive) from any fabric store and even wal-mart. cut out a cute design such as in the picture below, then follow the directions on the No-Sew package to attach your design to your sweatshirt!

This sweatshirt with leopard print lips is a whopping <b>$68!!!</b>. That's an insane price for something that's that simple.

Courtesy of: ShopNastyGal
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DIY Slashed Cardigan

Holes cut in everything possible is showing up in stores everywhere, but for prices that are extremely unappealing to me and prolly every other sane person out there. Especially when it's easier and unique when you cut the holes yourself! :)

This cardigan from NastyGal is on sale for $38.50 (usually $55). Which is OUTLANDISH. Not only for a cardigan but for the simple fact someone took literally 30 seconds to cut holes in it. Do it yourself :)

Courtesy of: ShopNastyGal
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