Sunday, September 11, 2011

NYFW Sunday Lounging

Currently feeling a lot of DIY inspiration.

Seeing A LOT of neon for spring.

Derby 100s Walk Over Shoes

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Iowa vs. Iowa State Game Tomorrow! & I made my whole outfit :)

Everything is hand drawn/unstenciled.
The "fabric paint" is actually commercial grade fabric pigment (like the kind used to mass produce clothing)
The pigment is all covered in transparent gold glitter.

The pictures were taken with my POS cellphone so I'm sorry for the bad quality. Hopefully tomorrow at the game I'll get some good pictures :)


Front - I Bleed Black & Gold

Back - SorryNotSorry (for those of you who tweet, you know this hashtag haha)



Front - regular

Front - folded over



I also made my friend a shirt, even though she's a cyclone fan :p


Front - detail - letters outlined in glitter as well

Back - all glitter letters
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