Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Shredded Tee

I keep coming across these crazy expensive t-shirts lately!

The one I discovered today was from NastyGal.com. One of my favorite places to buy clothes, but sometimes I swear the designers they feature are a complete rip off!

Shredded Tee - $78.00

- cheapo t-shirt from wal-mart
(you can get a 5 pack in the mens section for like $7)
- scissors/shears or rotary cutters
- ruler or measuring tape if you wanna get fancy
- fabric pen or just wing it

1. lay your tshirt out flat on the floor. iron it down if your are a perfectionist. 

2. measure out where you want your slits and how many rows of sits you want. the shirt above has 4 on the main shirt and then an extra one on the sleeves. have fun with it. you can do smaller slits if you so choose!

3. start cutting! in the shirt above, it looks as though they short-cutted it by doing both the front and back at the same time. notice where the front stops by the neck and where it ends on the back (it's lower down on the back because that's where they stopped on the front. It's also quicker this way if you have a rotary cutter or sharp shears. 

 Rock your new shirt at the beach or to the pool while the weather still permits!


  1. haha only an idiot would pay $78 for that, I agree. Awesome DIY! Good idea to use a rotary cutter too. Definitely would be easier and much straighter too.

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  3. awesome DIY!!
    please check out my blog at
    thanks ! xo


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