Sunday, April 8, 2012


Coming up this fall I will be getting my own apartment FINALLY!!!

You know what this means?

I've been making a list of things that I need to buy, DIY, or already own.

Here are some DIYs to look out for this summer:

1. DIY curtains & shower curtains.
these will feature a bunch of different surface techniques for you to create completely unique curtains and shower curtains for super cheap!

2. DIY rugs.
these will be for various rooms like bathroom, closet, kitchen, entry way, etc. so they will utilize different materials that suit each specific space!

3. DIY wall/art pieces.
I know a lot of you are looking for ways to not only spice up your wardrobe, but your living space as well! I hope to have a lot of different types of decor DIYs to spice up your walls and such in various rooms where you live!

4. DIY pillows/throws/comfy things
a lot of things i've been inspired by lately are all comfy things like blankets and throws. a lot of them are also super expensive. broke college student here. i have a big need to DIY these for cheeeaaap :)

If there are any more things you'd like to see me DIY please let me know :)

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