Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY Braided Chain & Embroidery Thread and Nylon Cord Necklace

As soon as I saw this necklace here on, I fell in love. I realized I needed to make a tutorial as soon as possible as soon as I saw the price. Read on to see how to make your own!

$84.00 at

- embroidery thread in at least 3 different colors
- nylon cord or mouse tail cord (the one above is rainbow)
- small chain
- jewelry pliers or needle nose pliers
- jump rings (bigger ones that you can get all the thread through)
- clasp of some kind
- super glue


1. first you need to make a very long braid twice as long as you want your necklace to be. make this braid a little longer because you can always cut excess off. use whatever 3 colors you wish. the above necklace is made with a braid of blue, yellow, and black. be original and make yours unique :) make sure to tie the ends securely. use a dab of super glue inside the tie for extra hold.

2. decide how many chains you want. the one above has about 3-4 very small chains side by side then doubled (which makes it appear to be 6-8 chains thick). you could make yours smaller if you don't want as much of a chunky braid.

3. attach a big jump ring to the clasp. put your chains through the jump ring so the there is equal chain on both sides and it rests on the jump ring in the middle. put the strands together and you should now have a doubled strand.

4. do the same thing as above in the same jump ring with your braided embroidery thread.

5. using the middle of the embroidery thread that is in the jump ring, put the nylon thread through that and make it even in the middle and then put the 2 strands together so it's doubled (like the last picture above).

6. now braid your chain, cord, and thread like you would normally. do this carefully so it's all even and nothing bunches up. this is a very thick braid.

7. Finishing the braid: As you are about to finish your braid, slip both the embroidery braids through the other (ending) jump ring. then tie the nylon cord around the braid right above the jump ring. then tie around the chain right next to where you tied the braid. use the above last picture for reference (the left side). tie off the nylon cord and use super glue to secure the knot if you think it'll come loose.

8. let the ends of the braids hang free (like the above necklace) or you can cut them off if you don't like that look. be creative :)

Make it yours, make it unique, make it awesome, make it chic. 


  1. Great Idea!! This would also look fab as a shoulder strap on a bag :)


  2. Hello, just found your blog today from a search for diy boot chains. I just finished looking through your entire archives. Great blog!

    1. thank you for finding me! i'm glad you enjoy my posts :) stay tuned for more!

  3. Love the colours in this. so bright and pretty


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