Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY Striped Sweater

- a sweater you want to jazz up
- fabric paint (not acrylic, fabric is more flexible)
- foam brush or paint brush
- painters tape
- iron
- tpins (or sewing pins)
- newspaper
- a flat surface to pin your fabric to/work on
- blow dryer (optional)

1. prep your workspace with newspaper so you don't get your paint anywhere. 
2. pin down your shirt so it's slightly stretched. pin the arms down next to the shirt if you want the stripes to continue in the same place. 
3. put newspaper in between the shirt layers so the paint doesn't bleed through.
4. tape off your stripes the thickness you want. use your iron to press down the tape for a crisp line.
5. paint on your fabric paint in thin layers. if you paint it on too thick it will feel weird when you wear your sweater again. 
6. let it dry completely before you flip it over to paint the other side.
7. once you've painted both sides and let both dry completely, remove the tape. 
8. most fabric paint requires heat setting put your iron in between the layers to iron the back side of each stripe for the time that it recommends on the bottle. usually it's 2-3 minutes. 

Boom! Rockin new comfy sweater for the winter weather! 
ps: this would be super cute if done with metallic for those holiday parties! also neon for that nude/neon trend!

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