Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY Torn Cross Denim Jacket // TUTORIAL

Used to be available at NastyGal

- a denim jacket that you are willing to sacrifice
- an exacto knife (possibly extra blades)
- disappearing fabric ink marker
- tweezers
- sand paper (optional)
- dremel (optional)

1. draw the shape you want to look destroyed on the back of your jacket with the fabric marker. The example above is a cross. Don't pick anything too complicated because it will get hard to recognize the more the shape is destroyed/distressed.
2. start slashing horizontally from one side of the shape to another.
3. if you do like an inch at a time, you can pull out the individual blue threads (the weft) with tweezers.
4. if you have a dremel, use the sand paper attachment to sand away the weft (blue threads) slowly not to rip the warp threads (white threads).
5. roughen up the edges with sand paper if you want a more distressed look.

Boom! You have an edgy new jacket that's uniquely yours!

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