Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Gold Snake Tail Necklace

I've been stumbling across of a lot of gold and silver amphibian jewelry lately.

This piece by OTT by Liat is gorgeous. I mean, it's $320 of 24ct gold. Something that most of us cannot afford. I wrote up a little tutorial for you to make your own snake tail necklace replica. :)

1. a rubber or plastic amphibian or another animal toy. you can get these from the dollar store or toys-r-us for fairly cheap.
2. gold or silver metallic finish spray paint
3. knife or sharp scissors
4. spray sealant (like krylon)
5. chain in same color as spray paint
6. e6000
7. jewelry jump rings
8. jewelry pliers

1. cut the snake to the length that you wish. only keeping the tail of the animal or maybe just the head. depending on what animal you chose to make into a necklace.
2. glue the jump ring carefully with the 2 openings up away from the animal toy.
3. let dry
4. spray paint with metallic spray paint. let dry. do another coat to sure full coverage. let dry again!
5. spray with sealant. let dry. do another coat if you feel like your first was too fit. let fully dry again!
6. use the pliers to attach the jump ring to the middle of your chain.


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