Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Sharpie Chevron Skirt/Shirt // UPDATED

Chevron is HUGE lately & I've been seeing it a lot lately.

- sharpie/fabric marker/or pigment of some kind
- white or contrasting skirt/shirt that you don't mind permanently altering
- cardboard or something to put in between the front and back of the skirt
- fabric chalk or washable fabric marker
- straight edge

1. lay out your shirt/skirt
2. draw straight lines with your chalk or w/e you decided to use vertically about an inch or so apart (as wide as you want your chevron lines to be)
3. use your sharpie or fabric marker to draw chevron (like the picture above) in between each line.
4. let dry and then do the other side of the skirt/shirt. then let dry again!
5. wah lah! new awesome graphic chevron tee!

Courtesy of JakandJil

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