Monday, January 10, 2011

My Leopard Obsession

Apparently I have one.

I prefer snow leopard though.

I've had one for years and it's just NOW becoming "in". Damn.

Leopard Pieces I Own:
1. Victoria's Secret Leopard Silk PJs.
2. Leopard Vintage Hat.
3. Leopard flowy 2/3 sleeve shirt from Haritage.
4. Victoria's Secret Pink Leopard Push Up Bra.
5. Victoria's Secret Pink Leopard Matching Panties.
6. Metallic Gold Leopard print skirt from Forever 21.
7. Leopard Vintage Coat.
8. Leopard Rain boots.
9. Snow Leopard Scarf.

I have enough leopard to cover me in head to toe :)

I would NEVER wear that all at once though. Well, at least out in public haha maybe for a hilarious home picture I might. :)

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