Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY Chain Pocket Jeans

Again with the constant need to have random chains and old necklaces laying around! haha

1. Cut off the pocket of a pair of jeans you're willing to do it to.
2. start at the top of where the pocket used to be. String chain from one side to another. make 2 little holes (for the chain to attach to) on each side. Attach the chain with jewelry pliers or small needle nose pliers.
3. continue doing this all the way down using less and less chain to match the shape of where the pocket used to be.
4. make sure you don't leave the chain too tight. if you put them on and your butt stretches out the back too much your chain could look weird or even break. -> to prevent this, after the first couple of chains, put the jeans on and see how it looks on your butt. you could have them perfectly taut, or you could have them hanging a little loose. i prefer the hanging slightly loose look. :)

Good luck!

Courtesy of 80spurple


  1. Cool look. I will give that a try.

  2. oh wow love this! Would love to put this DIY on my blog for inspiration. Would you mind? I would credit you of corse.


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