Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY Laptop Bling

I wouldn't do this directly on my laptop cuz I have a macbook pro and i'm not ruining the straight aluminum shell haha, but if you buy one of those cheap plasticy rubber ones in w/e color you see fit, this would be a great way to make your laptop look even more unique!

Some of you may not be such fans of this design and style but I am! I don't know if I'd want it on my laptop though. It gets put in my backpack on the daily so something this 3D would be very very impractical for me. It'd all fall off.

Just making a design out of flat pearls and other things would be awesome though! Go to the scrap booking aisle of any Hobby Lobby, Jo-Anne's Fabric, Hancock fabrics, Michael's, or even some Wal-Marts who still have their craft/fabric section in tact and be inspired!!!

The glue i'd use to attach all this stuff is the E6000 industrial strength glue. You can find it at wal-mart for like 5$ tops. Or if you're feeling more on the "i want this to dry quick" train, use hot glue. :)

Make sure to draw out your design first if you want it perfect (which i would because, well, i'm a perfectionist). or you could just put stuff on there randomly! w/e your style :) go for it!

Good luck! <3

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  1. I like it. It's different. And it probably is not intended to be carried around, as you said those shiny parts will eventually fall off. But I like the sarcasm in your intonation when you said you won't spoil your precious mac :).
    Good post, thanx for sharing!
    oh, please check out my DIY here too!


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