Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Pocket Appeal

Rather than dying or bleaching your denim, sometimes you just want something subtle.
Changing up the pockets is the way to go.

1. Find some cute fabric that you want for your pockets. The remnant pile at hobs lobs or jo-anne's is usually a good place to find some for cheap and you don't need like a whole yard or anything like that.
2. check your pocket's shape on the inside of your shorts.
3. free-hand a shape that's slightly bigger than your pocket and cut it out.
4. if the edges of the type of fabric you are using fray, cut enough off so you can hem it so there are no frayed edges, or put some of that no-fray stuff on it (available at hobs lobs, jo-annes, wal-mart, etc)
5. if you want your pocket to seem larger and stick out the bottom, cut the bottom of the pocket a little longer/bigger than your original pocket.
6. pin the pocket over the old one and sew it!
*you don't need to sew a whole new pocket since you are only trying to achieve the look of a printed pocket*
7. distress the jeans where the pockets are so the pattern can show through.
8. add studs if you desire.

enjoy :)

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