Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY Half & Half Studded Jacket

Although this would be difficult to pull off, it would be SO WORTH IT once completed.

I've been thinking about doing a half denim half leather jacket for sometime now and I might get it done over break if i can find a leather jacket and a denim jacket for decently cheap that are around the same fit. it should be interesting, but soooooo worth it.

i can just imagine some sweet way to do the back seam.
1. straight up and down then fill the whole line with the same sized safety pins
2. cut it zig zagged and fill with chain and safety pins

Suggested Directions:
1. Find a denim jacket and a leather jacket in the same fit/size (remember that mens and womens sizing and fits are different)
if the both zip, make sure they zip together somehow. if they don't match, you may have to rip both zippers out and just sew one on yourself.
2. decide how you want to join the two.
3. make sure you have a good sewing machine and the correct needle to sew denim and leather.
4. make sure you have a really good quality thread to sew the two together. don't want to go through all this work to just have it fall apart after you wear it out a few times.
5. buy studs in bulk. this would look bitchin with some spikes as well.
6. before conjoining, do all your bleaching before hand the denim if you wish. you can always distress it after but bleach can harm the leather/pleather after you join them if you aren't super careful.
7. be unique with it. don't copy this style exactly. add some patches or destress the leather a little bit in some places like the elbows, cuffs, and neckline.
8. rock your new one-of-a-kind denim leather jacket and turn some heads, baby!

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