Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Cut Out & Studded Denim Jacket

Bored with all the plain old studding you are seeing everywhere?
Well, I sure am. Especially since it's been a trend for at least a year and it's finally now hitting the midwest and I am officially in need of something a little newer.
Still keeping the studded look, but with a new twist. :)

- denim jacket (the thicker it is, the better the cut-out shape will be)
- chalk, disappearing fabric pen, or sharpie
- template to trace or you can free hand it
- shears or possibly a rotary cutter
- studs (square, circle, spikes, etc)
- pliers (to help fix the studs)
- (optional) sewing machine & thread

1. lay your denim jacket out as flat as possible
2. draw the pattern you wish to cut out (like a heart or a cross) on the back of the jacket where you'd like it to be. the center will probably look best.
3. carefully cut out the shape using whatever you feel most comfortable with
4. optional: sew along the edges of the cut out about .5" - 1.0" away from where you cut so it won't just continue to fray past a certain point. the more room you leave, the more it will fray.
5. border your cut out with studs! They could be spaced a certain way or just right next to each other.
6. boom ya got a fancy new jacket. go rock it the next time you go out! :)

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