Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Dip Dyed Lace Blouse // EXPERT

I've also been seeing lace everywhere lately. Whether it be in a blouse or skirt or even trousers (if you can pull those off...more power to ya!) How about spice it up a little bit and dip dye the button up part or maybe even the top of the skirt or bottom? I'll tell ya how to go about it below!

This tutorial requires you to know basic construction of clothing and a sewing machine.

- something lace with a cotton solid trim
- multiple dyes of some sort in the colors you wish to make your different dips(rit will work if you don't have access to anything else)
- something to put the dye in that you won't eat food in again
- paper towel or something to put under the bowl in case of spillage
- rubber gloves
- seam ripper
- sewing machine
- matching thread (in the color of your dip dye or white or maybe even a contrasting thread)
- scissors
- sewing pins

1. lay out your shirt. figure out which aspect of it that you wish to add a colored dip dye to (collar or button up part).
2. seam rip out the part that you wish to dip dye.
3. keep the garment in a place where it won't be moved if you think you'll have trouble lining the part you just ripped out again
4. put on your gloves.
5. prepare your dyes. if you just want two colors (say hot pink and deep red), use two bowls (or whatever you chose to use) and put one color in each.
6. dip part of it in 1 color for the time directed on the dye box/bottle/packet.
7. once that part is dyed, carefully dip the other half in the other color for the time directed on the dye box/bottle/packet. make sure there is no white showing between the colors (unless you want that effect of course)
8. carefully wash out each half of the piece of fabric in the sink until the water runs clear. careful not to just throw it in the sink, you don't want all of your dye separation to go to waste!
9. lay flat to dry. use a blow dryer if necessary.
10. pin your piece of fabric back onto the garment the way it originally was.
11. sew it back on!
12. boom! you have a fancy new completely unique statement piece!

Image courtesy of Pepper and Chips


  1. I'm so glad you're back! I love your blog :) And this idea is so unique!



  2. Love you blog so much! Follow you on Bloglovin and gfc!


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