Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Distressed & Paint Splattered Denim Shorts

I also just found these here over at for a ridiculous $68.00.

I know we can make these for way less. Shall we? :)

- denim shorts or pants that you are willing to cut into shorts
- scissors
- sand paper
- exacto knife
- acrylic pant or fabric paint in w/e color you wish
- bleach (optional)
- tarp or outside place that you don't care to get paint on
- paint brush or something to splatter with

1. cut your shorts to the length you want
2. distress with a knife or sand paper
3. lay your tarp down or go outside to where you don't have to worry about dripping paint
4. there are a couple different ways to splatter paint. you can just do it with a paint brush or you can mix it with water and it'll be a little more fluid but it won't be as thick or as opaque on the denim depending on how watery you make it.
5. let one side dry completely then do the other side.
6. (optional) add some bleach effects in some way to give it a better surface quality. either splatter it or dip it. have fun with it and make it yours! :)

rock your new one of a kind fancy new paint splatter shorts!

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