Thursday, November 4, 2010

DIY Wilma Costume && Procrastination aka story of my LIFE

So, right now I am doing "study hours" which is a thing my house makes us do to make sure we study. Well technically this is super counter productive thing because I should be at the studio painting right now instead of sitting in a room pretending to study (aka why I'm blogging haha).

Tomorrow night is the bus party and if you read back earlier, I'm going to be Wilma Flintstone and my bestie Liz is going to be Betty Rubble.

I have yet to make my dress. I went and got super cheap fabric today and some big foam balls for her giant rock necklace :). Now all that's left is for me to make the dress and stuff. So this post is more for me to go off for later (at 10 when I'm done with study hours) so I can just start sewing so I'm not up late. I have 8am tomorrow.

But I figured, "Hey, this is DIY so I might as well post about it!"

I will take pictures of my process if I remember and have enough time tonight to do so. The dress is super easy so it's not like it'll be super complicated.

Dress: I think I'm going to put tulle under the bottom part because it poofs out at the waist. It depends I guess. I'll see how it looks on my hips when I cinch the waist first. And if it doesn't poof out like it does in the cartoon, I guess I'll add a layer of white tulle that I have lying around.
I'll do the one shoulder on the left shoulder (like the cartoon)
Of course I'm chopping up the bottom of the dress in a zig zaggy pattern so it looks just like the cartoon again haha

Necklace: I bought big-ish white Styrofoam balls. I still might paint them white tonight to give them more of a well, white look to them. so they don't actually look like straight styrofoam haaa.

Shoes: No idea on this one. We're going to be walking around, on a bus, then at a bar, then back on a bus & I think that going bare foot def isn't an option haha. Too bad I don't own a pair of nude pumps! That'd be awesome! But since I don't own nude OR white (yeah I know blah blah who doesn't own white or nude heels? Well, I don't. I don't own any white dresses and I never have a need for nude or white pumps so uhmmm yeah anyways), so I guess black will have to work.
I only own 2 pairs of black heels. One is like this but with slightly thicker straps and it's completely black and it has a WAY thicker/bigger platform:

if you like these you can find them at desireclothing

the other option is an oxford wedge like Jeffrey Campbel's Suede Lace Up Wedge. (my shoes actually look just like these!)

I just don't know. I haven't broken in the wedge yet & the last thing I want is my feet to hurt super bad on a big night like this haha I know I can walk in the strappy heels all night so I'll prolly go with those :)


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