Friday, October 22, 2010

Bus Party Theme: We Go Together

Every year my sorority throws a themed House/Bus party.
This year the theme is "We go together" so things in pairs like pb&j or salt & pepper. get it?

We get to bring one guest & I'm bringing my friend Liz. She's shorter and has dark hair. I'm tall (well, taller than her. I'm only 5'6" haha) and blonde.

We decided earlier today that we're going to do Wilma Flintsone and Betty Rubble!!!

I'm going to be wilma and she'll be betty. The costumes are going to be super simple to do. Especially since we both own sewing machines. She is actually majoring in fashion design so she's super excited to make a fun costume instead of working on her senior line for once haaa.

Wilma = Super high bun/poofed or curled bangs + White one-shoulder dress with choppy zig zag bottom + Big chunky pearl choker + no shoes?? or nude shoes or black heels or something or other. I don't wanna spend too much money on this costume/new shoes because I already bought a costume for halloween with the boots and I'm kinda running low on cash.

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