Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Halloween Costume(s)

So I bought a costume online. Because I didn't have enough time to sew a nice one from scratch. I also bought it online because I didn't want another incident like last year, aka like 20 girls at my college had my same sexy cop costume. >.> super annoying. So I bought online this time!

Thank god I own a sewing machine because they only had mediums left & I'm a small).

find my costume and other great costumes at ODgirl.

It was baggy pretty much everywhere. Especially the arms and butt area. So last night I tried it on inside out, pinned, and sewed away.
It pretty much fits like a glove now! I don't have any good pictures because the camera on my phone sucks. But I shall get some asap!

Anyways, I need some costumes for nights besides Saturday night (when I'm wearing the sexy GI joe costume).

I'm thinking some easy ones for me to pull off are Ke$ha and Lady Gaga.
I'm blonde.
I have the clothes.
I have the creativity.
I have the attitude. HAHA!

I think it will be fun.
I'll post some images later of what I'm thinking of for both those costumes.

Any of you have any last minute halloween costume ideas for me?!

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