Friday, October 29, 2010

DIY Chain Fringe Chanel Bag

This is one of those that would take a while, but it'd be so worth it!

What you'll need:
1) Old plane leather purse.
2) A heck of a lot of jump rings.
3) Small scissors or x-acto knife (which works best).
4) Jewelry pliers or regular needle nose pliers.
5) A lot of chain! It can be chunky or tiny depending on the look you wish to achieve.
6) Time.

Just go around all the edges and cut evenly spaced little holes for the jump rings and then attach a jump ring and the amount of chain at the same time, then close the jump ring. It's a simple process, it just will take some time to achieve this full fringed look!

Courtesy of: knighttcat

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