Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Hot Pink Studded/Embellished Denim Cut Off Jacket - LMFAO "Sexy & I Know It" Music Video

If you haven't seen this music video, I suggest you go watch now. Pretty funny.

Obviously the bright pink studded/embellished jacket that one of the main guys is wearing caught my eye right away. I'm very determined to make this before the year is over :)

1. Denim Jacket
2. Pink Dye (or w/e color you wish. yellow would be pretty too) Rit dye will work.
3. Studs & other embellishments. hit up hobs lobs or order in bulk online.
4. e6000 glue (if you hot glue things on, they will fall off in the cold/if you wash it)
6. needle nose pliers to save your fingers from death. they help with traditional studding.
7. needle and thread if you feel like sewing anything on. make sure you get bigger embroidery sharps. they are stronger and sharper to pierce the denim.
8. scissors
9. exacto knife

full tutorial after pictures!

Full Tutorial
CAUTION: please wear gloves.
if you want any distressing or a destroyed look to your jacket, do this BEFORE you dye it. unless you want the distressing to be white looking, then wait til after it's dyed and dried. :)

1. grab an old denim jacket
2. bleach it with one part bleach, 1 part water (if you don't dilute it, it will literally destroy the denim so bad it will fall apart)
3. After most of the blue denim color is out, rinse out the bleach completely either by hand or in the wash. i just wouldn't put detergent quite yet.
4. get some hot pink dye (rit dye for those of you who don't have access to the commercial grade stuff should work). you might wanna get like, 3 packs if you want it super saturated pink like this
5. find an old 13 gallon storage container in your storage room. empty it out, wash it out so it's clean
6. follow the instructions on the package for the dye concentrate to water ratio.
7. cut off the sleeves of the jacket at your discretion. (if you want to that is. I know it's fall/winter for most folks so I'll be keeping my sleeves attached when I do this DIY).
8. put the jacket in the dye. make sure you stur it with a big spoon or big piece of metal or something (most likely this will get permanently stained with dye so stir with something that you will use in the future for dying or something you can throw away). make sure it's sturdy though.
9. stur like every 2 minutes so there is no uneven dyeing taking place.
10. after you leave it in the dye for as long as the instructions allow, follow the rest of them for suggested washing after. most likely you'll rinse out the jacket until the water runs clear. I suggest a bath tub for this. it shouldn't stain it. if it does, clean it. simple.
11. hang your jacket up to dry. don't dry it in the dryer unless you want your dryer to be stained pink.


Now that your jacket is awesomely pink and dry, you can stud it!
1. gather your supplies
2. plan out what you'd like to do. where do you want your studs, and where you want your other embellishments.
3. BE CREATIVE! let your imagination run wild! do what you want and make it look good.
4. If you want just a mini statement, stud and embellish the shoulders. :)
5. tada! done! go out for a night on the town and rock your new statement jacket!


  1. i did it, i did it!!! and it was awesome!! tnxs so much for your help :D

  2. DV - please post pictures soon! i'd love to see what you came up with! :)


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