Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Inspiration: LMFAO "Sexy & I Know It" Music Video

I don't know whether this video was a good or bad thing for me to come across because it's pretty ridiculous.
But there's some pretty sweet DIY fashion going on :)

Before I get to the DIY inspirations, I just wanna point out that the girl in the slashed black tights on the right is wearing fake Jeffrey Campbell Alexa Wedges.

Fringe Top
scissors meet bottom of shirt. make sure you don't cut up too high though, don't want the girls fallin out the bottom/bra peaking out.


Hot Pink Studded/Bedazzled Cut Off Denim Jacket
full tutorial in next post!

Slashed Leggings/Shirt
put on leggings and shirt so you know where to slash (or more importantly where not to slash. close to butt, by boobs, etc), sissors meet fabric. don't cut yourself!

Studded Leather Jacket
order some bulk studs in w/e your favorite style is. go to town :)

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