Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Inspiration: Rihanna "We Fell In Love" Music Video

After my friend Rachel showed me this video today, I was completely hooked. So many things in her video are freaking amazing & very much have a vintage DIY feel to them. I took a couple of screen shots (sorry for bad quality, thanks a lot youtube).

Denim Jacket - def acid or bleach washed. misfits and tshirt applique on the back.


Denim Vest - american flag fabric sewn on. NEED ASAP


Denim Jeans - americna flag fabric sewn on the front only. awesome!


Oversized Safety Pin Earrings


Holey/Deconstructed Tee - funny story...already working on a shredded shoulder tee at the moment like this!


I'll post about any DIYs I do!

ps: a girl in my textiles class is going to make the misfits denim jacket. I'm going to make the denim vest :)

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