Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY Panja Jewelry

After I saw a girl wearing an authentic Panja bracelet, I was instantly inspired. I don't have a picture of her actual hand, but I found some inspiration online.

These bracelets are also known as "slave" bracelets, but I feel like Panja is a more suited term.

I made myself a simple chain one that goes around my wrist then connects to my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers. I hope to get pictures up soon!

Here is the inspiration!

buy this bracelet here


  1. the 1st one is an Indian bridal jewelery peice you get them everywhere here.
    check out my blog and please follow it you like it!

  2. Hi, thanks for featuring and linking to my slave bracelet, I found your blog in my shop stats. :-) the other name I use for these is handflower but the reason they're called slave bracelets is that the ring is chained to the wrist and you can't wear one without the other.


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